Hospitality Talent Acquisition: 5 Tips to Consider

An effective marketing campaign would create an enduring impression in the minds of your target audience. However, it is the hospitality talents your business has that make the most powerful branding, by creating heartfelt, memorable experiences for your guests. This makes it imperative for hospitality businesses to hunt, recruit, and retain qualified talents.

1- Take a look inside before you search outside

Have quality time to focus on your internal candidates, developing their performance, increasing their knowledge, and sharpening their skills. If you have employees working at the front desk and they appear to have the potential to fill other roles, consider them. Let them know what the other positions would require, and find out whether they have the motivation and skills to fulfill them.

2- Offer competitive salary and benefits packages

Hospitality professionals are difficult to find, and companies compete to attract them. This is why offering an attractive benefits package is at the top of hospitality talent solutions. It’s worthwhile to conduct a market search to be updated with the recent salaries offered for this position. It’s also important to tailor some benefits to meet the diverse needs of the talents your company acquires and create some unique perks to win your talents.

3- Consider a probation period strategy 

A probation period is a time that starts from 30 days up to 180 days. The employer is obligated to implement it, in accordance with the Saudi Labor Law issued by Royal Decree No. (M/51) dated 08/23/1426 AH, amended by Royal Decree No. (M/134) dated 11/27/1440 AH.

During this probation period, a candidate is required to perform predetermined job duties before a company offers them the position permanently. This allows the hiring team to assess how well the employee fits in the position and whether they can fulfill the job responsibilities. For the prospect, it offers candidates a chance to evaluate the position and whether they enjoy the role before accepting a permanent job.

4- Retain your -already hired- talented staff and earn their loyalty

One of the hospitality talent solutions businesses recently used is implementing a structured employee referral program, to encourage and reward your staff for recommending qualified candidates. This allows you to have a wider talent pipeline and enhances the teamwork in your organization.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that hospitality talents are more of brand ambassadors for your business, not only by keeping a high guest retention rate but also by attracting more fit candidates, which is one of the most effective hospitality talent acquisition solutions. Your already employed hospitality staff are the best live personal branding for your hotel, restaurant, or resort. 

And remember, a satisfied employee is the most powerful way to attract new talents to your business.

5- Hire a reliable recruiting partner 

In a market such as hospitality, which is constantly changing and seasonal, it is certainly difficult to attract good hospitality talents without the assistance of recruitment partners. The mission of recruitment partners like SMASCO isn’t only to provide your company with exclusive talent from Front House Staff, Back House Staff, Management Staff, and Support Staff; but they also:

  • Make the right checks:




Criminal record

Academic education and experience are authentic and real.

  • They make the right tests for the soft skills typically needed in hospitality staff:






  • They make the rights assessment:

Communication test

Following instructions test

Problem-solving test

Time management test

Customer service test.

  • And they complete the required procedures and documents

The worker’s entry permit

The worker’s residence visa

Medical and social insurance

Bank account

And the payroll management.

  • SMASCO also guides the hospitality staff about respecting Arabian cultural standards, dress codes, and morality codes.

Now, what professions does SMASCO provide you with in the hospitality industry?

Front House Staff






Back House Staff 



Kitchen Assistant



Laundry Worker.

Support Staff


Maintenance Worker

IT Specialist

And other roles that ensure the proper and safe operation of your facilities and equipment.

Management Staff




Human Resources Specialist

And other managerial roles that ensure the smooth and profitable functioning of your business.

There are often insufficient qualified applicants in the hospitality field, yet SMASCO makes them available and offers seasonal and permanent candidates to meet your business needs. Invest in a reliable partner, professional in hunting hospitality talent solutions for your business. Contact SMASCO team now. 


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