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With our standard and most demanded service for man powering companies, institutions, and governmental organizations. Musandah offers the necessary solutions for recruiting from the legal, health, and qualification standpoints.

Is Musandah The Best Solution For Your Company?

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What Solutions Does Musandah Offer You?

Musandah sets the main pillars that most Saudi companies demand.

A complete coverage of legal documents is needed for the worker’s admission

 medical insurance provided by the biggest insurance companies

social insurance Registration

Managing salary payments and the monthly depositing process

The contract settlement process and the return-home ticket

Securing your company’s situation in case a worker has escaped or refrained from work

Replacement, in case the worker didn’t fit in

Physical and mental checks on the workers

Equipping the workers with the required training for their profession and their skills

Why Should You Choose Musandah?

In case you have prepared a residence plan for your workers but are still missing the main legal documentation, health and qualifying plans, then we recommend Musandah as the best choice for your company.

Let’s Connect

In case you need a consultation for your company, or have already decided what service it needs, it will be our pleasure to communicate with you.