Mutakamelah Service


Is an advanced service of Musandah. In addition to accommodation and transportation, Mutakamelah provides companies, institutions, and government organizations with manpower and the necessary recruiting solutions, from the legal, health, and qualification standpoints.

Is your next major project requiring a workforce?

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What Solutions Does Mutakamelah Offer You?

Mutakamelah sets the main pillars that most Saudi companies demand, with advanced coverage.

A complete coverage of legal documents, medical insurance, and social insurance provided by the biggest insurance companies

Working license for specific professions when needed

Managing salary payments and the monthly deposit process

The contract settlement process and the return-home ticket

Securing your company’s situation in case a worker has escaped or refrained from work

Additional requirements can be covered according to your company’s needs

Residence, transportation, and subsistence

Providing workers with the necessary training for their profession and skills, as well as replacing workers who do not fit in

Why Should You Choose Mutakamelah?

In case your company has limited plans for its workers, we recommend Mutakamelah as the best choice for your company. Leave it entirely to us.

Let’s Connect

In case you need a consultation for your company, or have already decided what service it needs, it will be our pleasure to communicate with you.