The user agreement is considered general agreement that governs the controls of relation between the user and application, and shall apply to all services provided by signer to user.

General Conditions
  • The user shall comply with all conditions contained in this agreement to guarantee the use of service. In addition, continuous use of service shall be deemed implicit approval of the user agreement terms by user.
  • User shall keep confidential the account data that contains the identity number that represents the user name, user’s main telephone number that represents the password. In addition, user shall be fully responsible for any use of service through the user name and password whether on part of the user or others without responsibility on the part of the company because the account is officially activated by sending SMS that contains activation code to the user’s mobile that represents his password in site.
  • The site shall reserve all rights to cancel or suspend any right to use the service in case the user violates any of the terms and conditions of user   agreement without recourse to the user.
  • The site shall reserve all rights to change, amend, cancel or alter all or part of service without consulting the user.
  • The site shall reserve all rights to make any change or modification to all or some of the terms of user agreement, whether by deletion or addition, without consulting the user.
  • The site shall notify the user with the changes or alterations to be made to the user agreement by publishing them on the website or notifying the user with any other means of notification. These changes shall be valid upon notification of user therewith. The user’s use of service after notification with these changes shall be considered approval of these changes.
  • The user shall not use the service for loading, presenting, putting, distributing or sending of any content that violates law, and any other contents that involve threats, and any defamatory, abusive or unacceptable, or contents that violate the rights of any person or company. This shall also include any contents that involve request of money, publicity or procurement of services or materials.
  • The site shall reserve all rights to terminate the user’s use of service or cancellation of service, and shall advise the user that he shall not use the service in case the user violates any legal provisions. In case the user commits acts that site management finds improper or deemed to violate the user agreement.

Intellectual Property Rights
  • The user shall not have the right to copy, publish or distribute any materials published on the site and belong to the site without mentioning their source.
  • The site shall reserve all legal rights to sue whoever violates this condition, in accordance with the intellectual property laws.
  • The user shall not be allowed to load some of the site contents for personal use only, provided user doesn’t use these contents for any commercial purpose that accrues material benefit.
  • The user shall not change the site contents uploaded or downloaded by user in accordance with these conditions, particularly in relation to omission and change of notices on those contents and related to the copyright or warnings.
  • Uploading contents on the website that doesn’t give the user any intellectual property right to these contents, since use of these contents is original right of the site or licensed authorities.
  • All site contents are intellectual property of the Saudi Recruitment Company and shall not be used by other parties.
  • The user or visitor can delete his information at any time, knowing that this may affect future transactions that take place with the service provider in the event that any new service is requested and may require the addition of new data when necessary, and the user or visitor can delete the entered data by selecting options dots, going to profile, and click on delete account at the bottom of the screen.
  • The data that is collected from customers is the name, email address, year of birth, gender, city of residence, nationality, contact numbers, and website addresses that are stored for the purpose of being used in service delivery and enabling the user to benefit from all the features and services provided through the site, so that all previous information will not be shared. with any third party.
  • The user or visitor shall not have the right to publish any data in relation to the services or contents presented by the company without consulting and procuring the written consent of the company in this respect.
  • The site management shall take the suitable measures and procedures to keep the personal information therewith safely in the way that guarantees protection of information against unauthorized loss, misuse, amendment or disclosure.
  • The site shall reserve its right to collect and use user information such as the information filled in the registration form or service applications for providing and improving the service and for statistical purposes.
  • The site shall not bear any leakage of access information that consists of the user name and password, and user shall not leak it or do any changes or amendments to his account or service application.
  • We collect personal data that are needed for the services and will not be shared with any third party, which includes: Name, Email, Birthdate, Gender, City of Residence, Nationality, Contact Information and Locations to be served.
  • The site shall apply the required standards for protection and conservation of data, noting that internet is not 100% safe for protection of confidential information.
  • In case of disputes, the applicable laws and legislations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shall apply to the disputes through the courts of the Kingdom.
Privacy protection

To be able to help you protect your personal information, we recommend that:

  • You contact us immediately when you think that a certain person managed to get your user name, password, user ID or any other confidential information.
  • Don’t give confidential information through phone or online unless you know the identity of the person or the party that receives the information.
  • Use safe browser when you complete transactions online and close all unused web applications. Ensure that the virus protection program is continuously updated.
  • The data is used for internal analysis purposes to improve the level of service provided to the customer.
  • You can modify or delete the data from the personal file.

For using Raha mobile app Services, you can instead sign up by linking your Apple, Facebook or Google account. See Social media section below.

Social Media Platforms and Other Third-Party Services:

(Social media platforms include Facebook. Third-party services include Google and Twitter)

You can link your social media or other third-party account to Raha Service. By linking the services, you authorize us to collect, store and use any information they may give us (e.g., your email address). You can disconnect your Raha app registration from third-party accounts at any time.

The purpose of linking social media platforms is to facilitate the process of logging in and registering with the Raha app

To disconnect Facebook account with Raha apps:

  1. Click account in the top right of Facebook.
  2. Select Settings & Privacy, then click Settings.
  3. Click Apps and Websites in the left side menu.
  4. Scroll down to Preferences, then next to Apps, websites and games, click Turn Off.

Disconnect your Google Account with Raha.

  1. Open your Google Account. You might need to sign in.
  2. Choose Security.
  3. Scroll down to “Signing in to other sites” and choose Signing in with Google.
  4. Choose the app or service you want to remove and then Remove Access.

In case of any inquiries or opinions on the privacy principles, you can contact the following website info@smasco.com