Jahez Service


Jahez is our emergency manpower service, and it is the best to provide companies with short-term contracts that meet their urgent demand of workers for ensuring the consistency of their workflow. All it takes is paying a quick visit to one of our labor offices to choose the workers your company needs.

Is Jahez The Best Solution For Your Company?

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What Solutions Does Jahez Provide?

Jahez is an immediate manpower recruitment service that provides you with the below features

Short-term contract workers

Immediate recruitment

A complete coverage of legal documents

Medical insurance covered manpower

Social insurance covered manpower

Securing your company’s situation in case a worker has escaped or refrained from work.

Replacing workers who do not fit in

Trained and qualified manpower

Available all over the kingdom

Why Should You Choose Jahez?

In case your company needs immediate hiring to maintain workflow, we recommend Jahez as the best choice for your company

Let’s Connect

If you are only looking for a consultation for your company, or have already decided what service it needs, it will be our pleasure to communicate with you.