What is the estimated wait time for receiving the worker?

Visas are immediately available upon your request. You will take full advantage of the rapidity of recruiting and deploying the required employees.

Should I pay the wages of the hired employees?

All your employment expenses and your employees’ salaries are financed by SMASCO.

Do I get charged for the employees' non-working days?

SMASCO charges you on actual man days, meaning that you pay for the delivered services of your employee vs direct hiring pays nonrefundable government fees (e.g., visa, iqama, work permit, etc.) 

Is there any legal liability I am responsible for when I hire workers?

All legal liabilities and responsibilities are carried by SMASCO, such as sponsorship, salaries, end-of-service benefit and vacation, IQAMA, health, and social insurance, the MOL work permit fees, and return trip tickets.

Do my outsourced employees comply with my company's rules and authority?

Your outsourced employees are totally under your management and fully comply with your policy and procedures.

Are there any costs for replacing employees who do not fit the position?

Replacing laborers who are not fit to work at no cost.

What are the guarantees offered by SMASCO?

SMASCO provides guarantees and privileges such as replacing sick employees, indemnification for runaways or refusal to work, and so on.

Prior to hiring, do I conduct interviews with the candidates?

You can source, interview, and select your own candidates, or authorize our overseas recruitment expertise.

Can I expect the worker to begin working after a certain number of days?

All workers’ related documents will be ready in less than 5 working days (i.e. medical check-up, Iqama, medical insurance, bank account and ATM card, worker orientation).

Do I handle any administrative duties?

All your personnel services and administrative work are managed by SMASCO