A cheerful and presentable reception and generous hospitality that surpasses

Because the human factor is the main pillar in the hospitality sector, SMASCO was keen on providing it with hospitality workers trained on welcoming, cheerfulness, good receptioning, quick actions, and organizing. We give you an easy access for hospitality workers that you can count on, to leave a good impression with every client.

For customers who return.

In the hospitality sector, SMASCO played a key role in the success of its partners, by providing them with their needs from hospitality staffing at the time they were needed. And that’s how their business activities continued apace

In a similar manner to chess, SMASCO categorizes hospitality staff 

Support Staff

  • Driver

  • Maintenance Worker

  • IT Specialist

  • And other roles that ensure the proper and safe operation of your facilities and equipment.

Management Staff

  • Manager

  • Supervisor

  • Accountant

  • Human Resources Specialist

  • And other managerial roles that ensure the smooth and profitable functioning of your business.

Back House Staff

  • Chef

  • Cook

  • Kitchen Assistant

  • Dishwasher

  • Cleaner

  • Laundry Worker

Front House Staff

  • Receptionist

  • Concierge

  • Waiter

  • Cashier

  • Host

SMASCO provides you with a workforce at costs that take into account your project’s expensive budget; and offers you payment plans that give you better cash flow management


Our solutions for the hospitality industry

Workforce that respects Arabian culture and traditions so that your customers may enjoy a more comfortable experience

A workforce trained at SMASCO that achieved a world record for the largest training workshops in Saudi Arabia

Permanent and seasonal labor; efficient, ready, and always available with the same skill level

Sufficient quantities for the labor-starved hospitality industry, always available

SAMSCO privileges for the hospitality companies
SMASCO categorizes hospitality staff in the manner of chess: Front House Staff. Back House Staff. Management Staff. And Support Staff.


SMASCO only charges you for the actual working days of each worker, and allows you to pay in installments

Pivotal professions

Trained and qualified core professionals that hospitality and tourism management can rely on

An abundance of labor

Sufficient quantities to cover the hospitality recruitment needs

Seasonal workforce

Available workforce all year round, seasonal or permanent, without lengthy procedures

Ready workforce

Trained and ready workers to fill as many roles in the hospitality industry, covered by SMASCO

Many available professions

A variety of professionals, from hotel restaurant management staff, to bag carriers

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