5 Ways Manpower Companies Support Construction Projects

A construction project is a challenging mission in which professional help must be involved; either it is carried out and completed effectively, or it risks wasting time, effort, and money on falling walls.

How can a manpower agency keep your construction project on track until success and avoid the slope? Here are 5 ways they do it:

1- Readiness of construction workers

  • Waiting list workers: Majority of manpower Companies maintain waiting lists of workers who are ready to help during emergency situations at any time, also you can receive help if any changes occur during the development of your project.

  • Trained workforce: Recruitment agencies provide you with construction workers who are trained in their specialties, are familiar with the equipment they’re using, and fully understand the quality and safety standards they have to comply with. This last point allows you to be at peace, avoiding the high risks normally associated with construction workers.

  • Legal Workforce: Since the manpower in a country originates from abroad, procedures are strict, documents are required differently from one mother country to another, and legal risks are increased. A manpower agency like SMASCO saves you legal liability and delivers a complete, legally covered workforce to your construction site. Also, manpower agencies have access to make a criminal record check on workers in every country, which stands against turning your construction-restricted area into a police crime scene.

It is also possible for agencies to provide specific workers that you have already chosen, which you need in the country to join your project. Completing their legal documents and procedures, ensuring they have the safety and quality standards needed for the job, and delivering them to your site.

2- Licensed and experienced specialists

When it comes to construction manpower, some workers, or specific specialists, must have a working license, safety certificates, and quality standards certificates. A manpower agency for the construction workforce supports you with workers who are licensed in their fields, have the required international certificates, and also have medical insurance and social insurance coverage.

3- The availability of replacing the worker

When a worker doesn’t fit into his position, it becomes a new headache for the project. Imagine if there are a couple of workers that need you to find a replacement. Imagine if there’s a legal issue with the worker, or the worker just escaped while he’s officially working under your company’s name.

A construction manpower agency like SMASCO saves you from critical situations and legal liability; they do their legal record checks before they hire a worker. Further, you can easily replace a worker that does not fit his mission with a construction manpower agency, without having to exert any effort on your part. It is also a policy at SMASCO to not charge you for more than the actual working days of any employee.

4- Get the job completed efficiently and effectively

When you hire a manpower agency like SMASCO you organize a meeting, discuss your project’s needs, get informed advice from experts, and they work on ensuring that the right number of qualified workers reach your door at the right time. That supports your construction project by avoiding the delays and the time wasted on training zero-background workers; helping you commit to deadlines and get the job completed efficiently and effectively. 

5- Cost control

A construction manpower provider helps to avoid hiring redundant workers, which can result in increased labor costs. Additionally, they don’t assign overskilled, high-rate workers to small positions that can be filled by low-rate new hires, which reduces the overall cost of the project.

Additionally, some construction manpower agency providers offer installment payment plans that make it possible for companies to better manage their cash flow.

How can SMASCO support the success of your construction project?

  • Complete coverage of legal documents, medical insurance, and social insurance provided by the biggest insurance companies.
  • Working license for specific professions when needed.
  • Managing salary payments and the monthly deposit process.
  • The contract settlement process and the return-home ticket.
  • Securing your company’s situation in case a worker has escaped or refrained from work.
  • Additional requirements can be covered according to your company’s needs.
  • Residence, transportation, and subsistence.
  • Providing workers with the necessary training for their profession and skills, as well as replacing workers who do not fit in.

Ensure the necessary manpower for the efficient and successful completion of your construction projects. Contact SMASCO now.


Importance of Manpower Planning in Construction Project, by Debdeep Majumdar, April 22, 2023, Linkedin