Construction became a constant and scheduled process 

No procrastination regarding the time for handing over the units. No manipulation of the qualities or quantities of workers. No exhausting negotiations about the rate.

Construction companies constantly need workers for short-term hiring, and meeting deadlines seems impossible, but SMASCO can provide you with trained, experienced, skilled, and time-scheduled construction workers that you can depend on to complete your mission on schedule.

The bricks we have laid in the construction sector

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Whether you are a small construction business or a large corporation that engages in sustainable construction, you can hire SMASCO to assist you with your construction worker recruitment needs



Our solutions for the construction field 

Short-term or extremely short-term contracts starting at only one month

A team of immediate hires is available in response to emergencies

We will assist you in the construction of a couple of compounds or even just an extension to your building

SMASCO is your one-stop resource for finding skilled construction personnel, from certified agile construction engineers to experienced skilled builders.



No wasted time or resources on non-trained workers

Workforce Flow

Uninterrupted workforce flow

You Name It

The number of hires needed, regardless of the size of your project

Short Contracts

No long procedures for short-term recruiting

Easy Payment

SMASCO only charges you for the active worker days, and offers you an easy payment plan


No delays because of workers who did not meet the requirements

Looking for immediate hires?