The Story of the Saudi Manpower Solutions Company

SMASCO, the Saudi Manpower Solutions Company, is the company that possesses the largest market share in the Saudi Kingdom’s manpower industry. How far did SMASCO participate in empowering the Saudi market with an adequate, qualified, and quantified workforce, accelerating the recruiting process, and sponsoring activities that improved the quality and quantity of the workforce in the kingdom? Let’s learn more about a story that can inspire game-changers. 

The story of the Saudi Manpower Solutions Company begins  

In 2012, Riyadh was our launching point. With a fully paid-up capital of 100 million SAR, SMASCO was the first manpower company to be licensed by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia. 

The first problem we’ve detected in the Saudi manpower industry is the severe need for seasonal workforce solutions. The Kingdom has always had a rising demand for a workforce in Hajj seasons when more hospitality, travel, sales, logistics, healthcare, and food manufacturing workers are needed, as well as supervisors and leaders.

It was a major loss for businesses to bear the cost of a workforce needed with large numbers for only a limited time in the year. This is when Saudi Manpower Solutions Company introduced its first and most needed solution, “Mawsemiah” to the Saudi manpower industry, to help businesses catch the season, achieve real profits, maintain good retention rates, and save their hiring budgets, time, and effort. 

The successful projects we’ve reinforced with qualified and quantified manpower supply

BAYTUR Construction Company, a leading construction company

SMASCO started supplying BAYTUR with the workforce in April 2018 to increase the number of workers by 800%, and proudly, all of them are still active; for BAYTUR to eventually earn a 1000%  revenue increase in the period from April 2018 to October 2022.

SMASCO managed to deploy skilled and semi-skilled workers for BAYTUR, which now became one of our most satisfied clients with the highest worker satisfaction and a low worker turnover rate.

Proudly, BAYTUR has completed the project of renovating King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) and secured a new construction project in the same place. And the Saudi Manpower Solutions Company is still awarding new projects in Neom and King Abdullah Financial District, Riyadh.

Fakieh Poultry Farms Co., a leading poultry company and one of the strategic clients of SMASCO

SMASCO started supplying Fakieh with skilled workers in December 2013, for Fakieh to later become one of our strategic partners, generating staggering monthly revenue. The Saudi Manpower Solutions Company managed to reach an equal satisfaction level from both sides, the client and the workers, and achieved one of the lowest levels of turnover inside Fakieh Poultry Farms.

As of today, Fakieh Poultry Farms occupies a leading position among the giant projects in the Middle East, has grown to be one of the largest integrated poultry projects in the world, and is in the process of building multiple new poultry farms and processing units, such as in Bisha, Najran, etc.

Almarai Company, a leading F&B company

In March 2018, SMASCO began supplying seasonal workers to Almarai, causing the workforce to duplicate 500% of active workers since then. Eventually, SMASCO became the permanent manpower supplier for Almarai’s seasonal workforce, and Almarai became a key player in the Saudi market, expanding globally as known.

Backing the Kingdom’s vision, not only with qualified manpower but also with international events that can attract investments, the Saudi Manpower Solutions Company sponsored major events in the Kingdom.

Major international events SMASCO sponsored

In the past 6 months alone, the Saudi Manpower Solutions Company has sponsored 4 key international events held in Saudi Arabia:

With consistency and sustainability, SMASCO continues to contribute to the welfare of the Kingdom by providing the major human factor, empowering organizations, and optimizing market potential.

SMASCO latest achievement 

The Saudi Manpower Solutions Company was pleased to announce that the Capital Market Authority (“CMA”) has granted approval for the registration and initial public offering (“IPO”) of shares on the Saudi Exchange (Tadawul). This approval, dated 03/09/1445H (corresponding to 13/03/2024G), facilitates the offering of 120,000,000 shares, representing 30% of SMASCO’s total issued share capital.

SMASCO’s latest manpower solution was released in the Saudi market: ROWAD

In our endeavor to provide more solutions to the Saudi labor industry that could release better potential for organizations, SMASCO has launched its latest innovation, Rowad, a mobile app for small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs that need to instantly hire professional workers with limited contracts that can be extended. 

During the past few months, Rowad has gained the trust of over 1K entrepreneurs, who are able to submit hiring contracts within minutes on the Rowad app through a completely digital hiring process with no office visits needed. From the time the request is submitted and the contract payment is placed, workers usually reach the organization and begin working the very next day.

The Saudi Manpower Solutions Company is an outstanding story for those who dream of being game changers. With a human capital that accommodates +160,000 employees in Saudi Arabia, a wide range of skills encompassing more than 765 different occupations, and comprehensive coverage across 55 cities; as a manpower supply company in Saudi Arabia, SMASCO remains the reliable partner for businesses seeking manpower solutions.