Sponsorship & Innovation: SMASCO at HRALS 2023

As a market leader, a platinum sponsor, and a participant at the Human Resources And Labor Expo this year, SMASCO was privileged to share insights into the challenges faced by HR professionals in the Saudi labor market and provide valuable solutions on how HR professionals can approach these challenges.

What is the Human Resources And Labor Expo 2023?

HRALS-Expo is the first HR conference in Saudi Arabia that brings together accredited labor services companies and offices with the public. This year, the HRALS EXPO was held at Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center and took place from December 24 to 27, gathering human resources and recruitment professionals from every corner of the Saudi Kingdom, and many different countries as well.

At HRALS-EXPO 2023, the largest HR event in the kingdom, SMASCO infused a variety of aspirations, which can be summarized by three highlights:

Meeting HR professionals in Saudi Arabia

At pavilion no. 2, SMASCO actively participated in the exhibition and gathered industry experts and leaders to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the labor and recruitment sector. SMASCO’s leaders also delivered a speech during the event, sharing their insights and experiences on workforce optimization and addressing the specific challenges faced by HR professionals in Saudi Arabia.

As a market leader in workforce solutions with a deep understanding of the Saudi market, SMASCO was uniquely positioned to discuss expanding staffing in the Saudi market across various sectors. Our comprehensive suite of employment agencies includes recruitment, talent management, payroll management, and compliance, ensuring that HR professionals can focus on their organization’s strategic initiatives and drive success.

Showcasing cutting-edge workforce solutions

As a platinum sponsor, SMASCO also had a prominent presence at HRALS EXPO 2023, addressing the needs of HR professionals in the Saudi market and showcasing its cutting-edge workforce solutions.

We were pleased to discuss the staffing needs of SMASCO’s clients and develop tailored solutions to help these organizations navigate the complexities of modern human resources.

Our team also discussed how our innovative solutions can help organizations optimize their HR processes, attract top talent, and drive business growth.

Introducing the Rowad app to the Saudi labor market

One of the biggest challenges in the Saudi HR market that SMASCO witnessed was the long commitments that startup businesses had to make against limited staffing needs, which contradicted the available budgets, the continued restructuring for adapting business shaking steps, and the unstable global market that has updates every hour affecting almost all business sectors.

SMASCO has therefore developed the Rowad application as a way of providing startups and small business owners with an adaptive approach for staffing with a fit package to their needs:

  • Instant hirings.
  • Short-term financial commitments.
  • Flexible payment plans.
  • And flexible contracts with extendibility.

Rowad application covers specific cities in the kingdom at the moment, spots where instant workforces are needed most, and is expanding gradually to cover more cities.

Attending HRALS-EXPO 2023 as a platinum sponsor and participant, the SMASCO team had the opportunity to connect with HR professionals in many sectors, showcase our expertise, and share our contribution to the advancement of the HR industry in Saudi Arabia.

Excited about the upcoming human resources conferences and look forward to engaging with more HR professionals and industry leaders to share insights, solutions, and innovations.

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