Big 5 Construct Saudi: 5 Markets in 1, and the Manpower is on SMASCO

How many markets / companies / suppliers and recruiters do you have to contact to completely equip your construction project? How much of a negotiation do you have to make? How many months does it take? Now you can shortcut all at once. All you have to do is join the Big 5 Construct Saudi, where SMASCO is present, not only as a participant and market leader with construction manpower solutions, but also as a gold sponsor. Be there from February 26–29, 2024, at Riyadh Front Exhibition & Conference Center.

Here are the 5 construction markets, gathering the best construction companies for you in 1 place at the Big 5 Construct Saudi:

  1. HVAC R Expo Saudi.
  2. FM Expo Saudi.
  3. Stone and Surface Saudi Arabia.
  4. Windows, Doors, and Facades Event.
  5. The International Contracting Conference.

And when the Big 5 Construct Saudi is the biggest opportunity for constructors and entrepreneurs to have their projects 100% equipped in one place, there’s one element of their success left, which is professional construction manpower. That’s when SMASCO comes up with solutions.

What does SMASCO bring to the table at Big 5?

  1.  SMASCO will be present with its manpower solutions for construction projects.

SMASCO is present this year at the Big 5, from February 26 to 29, at Pavilion No. 6G128, to offer the specializations SMASCO provides in the construction sector:

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Specialists
  • Qualified Labor Force
  • Laborers

SMASCO also offers construction entrepreneurs solutions for employment contracts, adding more flexibility and better payment plans; guaranteeing the employer’s rights whenever the worker escapes or doesn’t fit the position; and carrying the complete burden of the hiring cycle.

  1.  SMASCO will be present as a gold sponsor for the ICC, with the CEO word

Since construction companies need heads just as much as they need equipment and materials, the ICC facilitates an invaluable exchange of insights and strategies to direct attendees to the best practices. 

And SMASCO is happy to announce being present as a gold sponsor for the ICC. Not only this, but it will also transfer a portion of the construction manpower experience to the attendees through its CEO word.

Mr. Ayman Al-Tammami, CEO of SMASCO, will have a word during the ICC panel discussion about Strategic Leadership in Construction: Nurturing Talent, Fostering Innovation, and Driving Sustainable Growth. Listen to Mr. Ayman’s words at the International Contracting Conference from 3:15pm to 3:55pm on February 27, 2024. Be on time.

Meet SMASCO, the construction workforce market leader

Collect all the materials, equipment, and ideas you need, and stop at SMASCO pavilion to have your construction project fully staffed. Join SMASCO at Pavilion No. 6G128, from 2pm – 10pm on February 26, 27, 28, and 29th, 2024. SMASCO will also attend as a gold sponsor for the ICC, as long as it’s held. 

A complete cycle of construction materials, equipment, supplies, and technologies, plus a complete construction staff from SMASCO. All at one place in Saudi Arabia; Riyadh Front Exhibition & Conference Center. Be on time.