SMASCO Share Price Range is Set in a Busy Week of News and Accomplishments

Press coverage, TV interviews, official trading platforms, and financial news portals are all covering the latest news about SMASCO’s IPO. The share price of SMASCO has been announced to range between 7 and 7.5 Saudi riyals. Find out the latest news about SMASCO’s IPO progress.

An exclusive interview with our CEO at Asharq Economy

Our CEO, Abdullah Altimyat, stated in an exclusive interview with the Asharq Economy platform discussing SMASCO’s current steps towards the IPO, saying, “We aim to distribute annual cash dividends to shareholders about 75% of the company’s net profits after offering shares in the Saudi market.”. A version of this interview appeared on the Asharq platform last Tuesday.

SMASCO share price range is finally announced

On the next day, the price range for SMASCO stock was announced on the Saudi Exchange ranging from 7 to 7.5 Saudi riyals per share in the first public offering of SMASCO, which is underway this month. Arqaam financial news portal also covered the news in its article: SMASCO sets IPO price range at SAR 7–7.5/share.

Our CFO interview with CNBC Arabia

Our Chief Financial Officer stated in a detailed discussion with CNBC about SMASCO’s financial strategies and IPO, saying, “Smasco is a company with steady financial strength; this is the reason why it’s a viable investment for individuals and entities.” He also added that the investment that has been allocated as 90% for companies and 10% to individuals was set based on a study that the offering advisor made. 

Last but not least, a deep dive session was held for our investors

As part of a new detailed investor briefing, the SMASCO management team clarified the company’s post-IPO strategy, addressed the investors’ inquiries, and provided sufficient insight into SMASCO’s future plans and commitments.

And we shall release more news for you soon.