Oil & Gas Sector

Is the oil and gas industry really aging?

While some employees are losing interest in the oil and gas industry, there’s another scale competing for it, but how to find them? With SMASCO, your business will be able to hire professionals eager to work in oil and gas companies, prepared to expedite operations and increase productivity.

SMASCO prepares your business for demand peaks 

Because we manpower oil and gas businesses with employment stability that keeps our partners always operating, and keeps their productivity always growing

Keep operations running smoothly while employees are safe.Hire professionals aware of oil and gas hazards and safety standards

Engineers and Technicians

Professional Workforce

Management  Support


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Do you have difficulty finding certain professionals in the oil and gas industry? Rely on SMASCO for professions that are hard to locate experts for.


Take your recruitment to the next level with the staffing solutions SMASCO has

Pre-employment criminal record checks, physical and mental health checks

Replacement of non-fitting workers, paying no more than actual working days

easy access for hiring the rare specialties you’ve been desperate to find

Permanent and temp contracts, to adapt to your goals and your business pocket

Privileges SMASCO adds to your oil and gas staffing 

Payment plans

Pay with ease while staffing your oil and gas company fully

Greener practices

Navigate the employment landscape shifts to greener practices

Adapt faster

Face the geopolitical uncertainties with flexible contracts

Certified professionals

Find professional expertise, certified in the gas industry

Adequate workforce

Ensure sufficient gas workers for your increasing demand

Professional support

Consult experienced recruiters for oil and gas companies

Join SMASCO today to make valuable changes in your recruitment strategy, adapt to the shaky present of the oil and gas industry, and prepare for the unpredictable future