Your logistics need to speed up!

If you’re still searching for employees who combine flexibility, commitment, and fast response, SMASCO has caught them for you.

Stay on top of e-commerce’s global growth and staff your logistics business with qualified workers who can accelerate your operations.

For efficient deliveries, faster than ever

SMASCO supports you with global logistics services staff that can save you time on the front end and save your money on the back end

Enhance your supply chain communication and streamline your last-mile delivery

Qualified Manpower

Rental Cars


Last Mile Delivery



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The solutions SMASCO has to level up your logistics business staffing 

Temporary hires to handle your shifting missions professionally at a lower cost

Hiring a much wider global pool of younger and mobile candidates

Ready to hire logistics supervisors, leaders, and operational decision-makers

Adequate experienced and qualified operations workforce covers all logistics solutions

Privileges SMASCO adds to your logistics services staffing 

Flexible payment plans

Pay with ease while having your organization fully staffed

Worker replacement

Replacing workers when they don’t fit into the position


Professional and committed warehousing and logistics workforce

Our support team

Assisting logistics providers with recruiting plans to level up hires

No talent gap

No job ads are needed, and all positions are professionally fulfilled

Analytical cadres

Cadres that can optimize and streamline your last-mile delivery

As the talent landscape within logistics and supply chain management continues to evolve, SMASCO will be there to support you with better solutions