SAMSCO hunted top healthcare talents. 

Double shifts can be fewer, staff burnout can be avoided, and typical days can be far more productive. The Saudi Manpower Solutions Company, SMASCO, makes it possible for workforce shortages to be covered, and for critical care nurses to be smoothly hired.

SAMSCO, a complete recruiting cycle for healthcare professionals under one roof.


Experienced professionals in healthcare business staffing that you can ask for their advice; loaded with recruiting solutions; and professional healthcare workers that will give you the backup your business needs.

Get the right candidates for front-line and non-front-line positions with SMASCO

Semiskilled workers



Skilled workers



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SMSCO manages all aspects of the recruitment process for your healthcare staff, including assessments, interviews, registrations, and legal procedures, and provides you with a professional team that meets your business requirements on a flexible payment schedule.


Our healthcare staffing solutions for corporations and small businesses

We’re here with on-call support to back you up with the right team

Decent staffing picks with professional medical training and complete legal coverage

SMASCO verifies legal status, registrations and certificates, and performs the required mental and physical checks

Efficient and licensed healthcare professionals. Sufficient quantities for the healthcare space needs

The privileges you receive with SMASCO in the healthcare sector

Talent hunting

Top talent hunting strategies, top recruiting technologies and solutions


SMASCO only charges you for the actual working days of each worker

Diverse contracts

Permanent workforce for less turnover, and temporary workforce for less costs

Updated nurses

SMASCO ensures hiring an up-to-date professional nursing team

Emergency hires

Immediately hiring healthcare workers who can save the situation  

Diverse professions

Front line, non-front line, and exceptional healthcare staffing

It is now possible for you to develop a long-term plan for your business, relying on a professional healthcare staffing company that addresses your business needs on time and in full.