Don’t let passerby workers interrupt your production

The skills gap between the demanded and supplied workforce can be closed. Hire experienced and specialized staff for your food production line.

SMASCO supports you with skilled food production workers and ensures consistent productivity. 


For a non-stop production wheel

Because SMASCO provides you with production line workers who are fully aware of occupational safety and health practices in the food and beverage industry

Let SMASCO fill the skills gap in your organization, and hire professional factory workers

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SMSCO allows easy payment plans, against managing the entire burden of the recruitment process in a legal, practical, and professional manner


Our solutions for supporting organizations with food manufacturing workers

Physical and mental inspections. A certified and legal workforce

A wide range of food industry workforce, trained and qualified by SMASCO

Production factory workers are insured against work injuries

A professional support team is available to give their advice

Privileges SMASCO adds to food production workers’ supply

Dropped burdens

SMASCO provides workers’ housing, transportation, and uniforms when requested

Immediate hires

Urgent hiring of factory workers, ready, skilled, and trained; seasonal, or permanent

Safety awareness

Professional production factory workers, aware of health standards

Less turnover

Extendable contracts for less turnover, lower costs, and better performance

Continuous supply

Expand your business by relying on a non-stop workforce supply

Payment plans

Get your company fully staffed with an easy payment plan

SMASCO provides your organization with a full range of recruiting services with every detail.

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