Big 5 Construct Saudi: Equipment, Material, Heads, and Hands

In April 2018, SMASCO started supplying construction workers to Baytur, the Saudi Arabian company specializing in high-quality constructions. Since then, Baytur’s workforce has increased to 800% of productive and effective construction workers and professionals. Consequently, by October 2022, Baytur’s revenue had increased by 1,000% as a result of the competency-selective employment process, and Baytur had become one of our most satisfied customers.

That was one of many success stories SMASCO has in the construction sector, which we’re proud to release. As a manpower company, it’s our mission to provide each sector with the workforce solutions that make glory happen. SMASCO has a unique fingerprint in that promising sector and is happy to announce participating in the Big 5 Construct Saudi, first as a gold sponsor for the IC Conference and second as an exhibitor at the Big 5 Construct Saudi, Pavilion No. 6G128.

What the Big 5 Construct Saudi is about: 

1- Material and equipment: The gathering of 5 construction markets in one place

The Big 5 brings together the biggest five construction events at the same time and in the same place, showcasing the latest construction technologies and solutions, the facility management market, the marble and stone market, and the window, door, and facade markets.

2- Heads: The gathering of construction sector pioneers and key players at the ICC

About 20 of the key players, decision makers, government officials, and pioneers in the construction market are gathered to contribute with a portion of their experience at the ICC. The International Construction Conference is the main conference of Big 5 Construct Saudi, which will be held for the first 2 days only, February 26 and 27, 2024. The leaders will transfer a valuable portion of their experience, during the ICC panel discussion, state some of the recent challenges in the sector, and give solutions.

SMASCO is happy to have two exclusive releases at the ICC:

A) SMASCO’s CEO, Mr. Ayman Al-Tammami will have a word at the ICC

We’re happy to invite you to our CEO speech, Mr. Ayman Al-Tammami, who will have a word during the ICC panel discussion, about Strategic Leadership in Construction: Nurturing Talent, Fostering Innovation, and Driving Sustainable Growth. And to be there, pin this date to your calendar: from 3:15pm to 3:55pm on February 27, 2024, and be right on time.

B) SMASCO will be a gold sponsor for the ICC 

SMASCO is also happy to announce being a gold sponsor of the ICC, as one of SMASCO’s contributions in this promising sector that comes as a top priority in the Kingdom’s Vision 30 strategies.

3- Hands. Last but not least of what the Big 5 brings us: The professional manpower that applies technology and the qualified construction workers that carry out the process

SMASCO is present this year at the Big 5 to contribute with solutions for the construction sector, starting with the specializations we provide:

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Specialists
  • Qualified Labor Force
  • Laborers

To the solutions we offer:

  • Flexible contracts.
  • Flexible payment plans.
  • Uninterrupted workforce flow.
  • Possibility of replacing the construction worker.
  • Availability of all specializations.
  • Efficient and sufficient workforce volume.
  • Professional trained construction workers.

SMASCO will be at the Big 5 Construct Saudi, first, as an exhibitor and participant at Pavilion No. 6G128, from 2pm – 10pm on February 26, 27, 28, and 29th, 2024; and second, as a gold sponsor for the ICC as long as it’s held.
Be there, collect everything your construction company needs, and leave the construction workforce responsibility to SMASCO. Be on time.